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Our classic package! 24 Vintage Prints in the original PhotoLove Kraft-Paper-PhotoBox. For real Photolovers.

Up to 24 photos for 22.50 

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A thick envelope filled with memories! 12 photos in a nifty vintage envelope - the ideal size for photos of the perfect weekend.

Up to 12 photos for 12.00 

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The small present! 4 photos are sometimes enough to show real feelings.

Up to 4 photos for 4.50 

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Photo Extra

May it be a little more? Simply continue filling your 24 picture PhotoBox. Every additional photo only 85ct.


PhotoLove Stripes

No prints today? Check out our cool photo stripes - retro charm just like from a photo booth. more

6 Stripes für 9.90 

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Gift box

You can easily upgrade every package with our exclusive handmade GiftBox. The ideal present!

Gift option for + 11.90 €


Our hand-crafted PhotoBlock manufactured from solid wood. The best way to display your prints.

+ 9.00 €   8.50 €

PhotoLove Calendar

Your unique calendar for 2018 - filled with your memories.

What is your best memory of last year? Design it as you like! Order 24 vintage prints in your style and choose 2 for each month. The perfect gift for your beloved ones or for yourself! (german layout)

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Washi Tape

Original PhotoLove rice paper masking tape (10m) for creative design.

+ 2.50 €   2.00 €

Mini Clothespins

24 mini clothespins inclusive natural cord (2m) and nails display your prints from their best side.

+ 5.50 €

Personalized back

Our offer for professionals and individualists. Design the back of the prints with your logo or text.

Our personalized back sides are perfect for invitations, acknowledgement cards, save-the-dates, baby announcements or with your own logo for a professional touch.

+ 0.20 € / Print


Gift Card

Our gift card for direct print out. In need for a last-minute present? Receive your PhotoLove gift card within minutes.

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Our Promise: Super fast production & free shipping for orders above 30.00 €!

Germany: 1.95 € – Wordwide: 2.95 €